Northern Gas Gala

Community & Environment Protection Collective

Know Your Rights

Stop the RigThe Police:

The Northern Gas Gala is a show of community protection against the threat of harm to our health and environment posed by the fracking industry. The industry is supported by the state and therefore there is a heavy police-presence.

Don’t let this daunt you, the Gala will create an inclusive, friendly space. We won’t be bullied.

Knowing your rights will certainly help so please take a moment to read the information below.

Top Tips for Being Prepared:

•    Bring necessary items recommended on this list and be careful not to bring anything that can be construed as a weapon or anything which may have a lot of information about yourself or others you may be campaigning with. The police love to fish!
•    Bring a Buddy! Pair up with someone for the day, not so you are joined at the hip, but so at least one other person is aware of where you are and how you are. Ideally they will have a few contact numbers of friends and family on your behalf if you are arrested or are in need of other support.
•    Write a number on your arm or body of one of the recommended solicitors below
•    Take a bust card here which details these solicitors and some key points about engaging with the police.
•    If you are taking a mobile phone, then ensure you have enough credit, otherwise bring some spare cash just in case, so you can contact others.

Day 3 - Police Evidence Gatherers on site 2
If you are arrested:

•    Make sure you tell someone if you can & if you know what station you are being taken to, try to pass that information on.
•    Ask what you are being arrested for – you have a right.
•    And if you can try to make a note of the number of your arresting officer(s).

At the police station:

•    You have the right to remain silent, there is NO requirement to talk to the police. We strongly advise you to answer NO COMMENT to all police questions.
•    The only information you need to give to the police is at the station, where they will ask you lots of questions to gain information about you – you only need to give your name, address and date of birth (the only effect not doing so will be delaying your release).
•    They can take your photo, fingerprints and DNA but only after you have been arrested for a recordable offence (not obstruction of the highway or breach of the peace).
•    You have the right to have someone informed of your arrest – we recommend the Northern Gas Gala Arrestee Support Team. You also have a right to speak or meet with a solicitor, see the recommended firm below.
•    Tell the police if you need to see a doctor or need medication. If you have any injuries from the arrest make sure these are photographed at the station by an independent doctor.
•    You are allowed to ask for what you need, such as more blankets, a pillow and extra clothes. You are entitled to meals three times in 24 hours with drinks at reasonable intervals. You can also ask for reading material.

After you have been arrested:

•    The Arrestee Support Team will make sure anyone arrested is met from the station and taken home.
•    Try to have a debrief with someone you trust – talk about how you found the experience, anything you found challenging or upsetting, even just any silly stories about the police.
•    Check in with the Arrestee Support Team about your bail conditions and any other observations, this may help future people that face arrest.
•    If you are released on bail you will most likely have bail conditions, such as staying away from an area.

If you witness someone being arrested:

•    Try to write down the name of the person arrested, where they were arrested and any other relevant information. Call the legal support number below and let them know too.
•    Give them a reassuring smile of solidarity!

Further resources:

•    Green & Black Cross 
•    Download a Pocket Guide to Your Rights Booklet which includes more information about laws commonly used against protestors.

Important numbers:

Activist Friendly Solicitors: Clifford Johnston (0161 452 0310/07974 316 142) or Robert Lizar (0161 227 7777/07900 998 999)

Arrestee Support: – 07564 696 895