Northern Gas Gala

Community & Environment Protection Collective

Skill Building Event

Organising Together;
Skill building for frack free communities

We all want to do something to stop fracking but how do we make our efforts most effective? How do we unite our communities to make them stronger so that we can build a better future?

This event has been put together with a range of top facilitators from Frack-Off, Friends of the Earth, Faslane Peace Camp, Common Wealth Theatre and No Dash for Gas plus others, in order to share some skills and build on the existing knowledge that we as communities have and need to make our efforts most productive. There is something for everyone whether you are completely new to taking action or whether you want to expand on what you already know. Our best weapon against the frackers will be good organisation skills, strong community, creativity and knowledge.

The workshops are two hours long and sessions will take place simultaneously, so you will only be able to pick 2-3 for each day. But some workshops are being run twice so if you miss one on the first day you will hopefully catch it on day two.

Holding fair and productive meetings
Using your mobile to make activist mini-films
Dealing with mainstream media
Taking creative action
Know your rights
DIY media – blogging and effective social media campaigning
Ending Consent from Below: Rebel Clowning and Story Based Campaigning
Understanding the planning system

Holding fair and productive meetings
The ascent of community – strategies for empowerment
Rig watch
Using your mobile to make activist mini-films
Understanding political power structures and how to lobby
Access to training
Direct action and blockades
Taking creative action
Building on community resources for community-led change

All the above are subject to possible change.

The event will take place over 2 days but participants are welcome to attend either the Saturday or the Sunday or both. Booking is essential however.

Please download the booking from here and send it to

We would like the event to be as accessible as possible for everyone. If you have any additional needs you wish to discuss please get in touch. If childcare is an issue contact us and we will try to help if possible.

Tasty vegan food will be provided if requested on the booking form.

If you are hoping to attend from outside Manchester and you need accommodation we can provide floor space in the building. A small number of beds are also available with local residents if requested.

We are really excited about this event lets get skilled up!

Keep your eye on this website for any updates