Northern Gas Gala

Community & Environment Protection Collective

Day 98 – Tues 4th March








The lock-ons keep on coming at Barton Moss. This morning two protectors blockaded the road making it another slow day for the lorries heading to the iGas site.

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Day 97 – Mon 3rd March









There was another lock on Barton Moss Lane this morning, involving three protectors. The convoy was later escorted out of the iGas site with the police attempting unsuccessfully to stop protectors walking down the path.

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Day 94 – Friday 28th February








Two individuals blockaded the iGas convoy for an hour and a half today with a lock-on. The Greater Manchester Police, Tactical Aid Unit showed up again with their usual aggressive and violent behaviour. There were four arrests in total as police tried to intervene with the march that escorted the convoy.

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Day 91 – Tues 25th February

day 91a








This morning two individuals blockaded Barton Moss lane with a lock-on and arrested after they were moved from the road. Unfortunately their lock-on was made with additional broken glass and barbed wire, with the aim of hindering their release. The police removal team must not have asked if there was anything concealed within the lock-on and was reportedly left slightly injured.

This has caused some controversy with the Manchester Evening News reporting on blockade.

Northern Gas Gala alongside the Barton Moss Protection Camp released a statement following the report as it emerged the two individuals were not living at the camp but had come to take direct action against the convoy as many other groups and individuals have.

Protectors at the camp still attempted to stop the convoy once the blockade was moved.  One person was violently thrown to the floor by police, needing an ambulance for back injuries.



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Day 90 – Mon 24th February

day 90









As the party atmosphere of Sunday’s Gig at the Rig  wore off, the iGas convoys were back at Barton Moss. The protectors were met by the now expected, heavy handed police tactics, with one reported arrest.

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Day 87 – Fri 21st February









The Barton Moss Protection Camp is set to continue as the court case earlier today was adjourned until March the 6th. Peel Holdings had issued an immediate possession order on the land next to Barton Moss lane, wanting to remove protectors this Sunday.

At the camp this morning there was another fantastic turn out to greet and escort the iGas convoy. However the police were up to their usual tricks with at least one reported arrest of a young girl.

Sunday is also the day of Gig at the Rig, starting at 1:30pm. See the Manchester Evening News for more details here. It’s going to be a busy one, even the Judge mentioned it in court today.


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Day 81 – Sat 15th February

graham truck







Police violence reared its ugly head again at Barton Moss with one protector being arrested and dragged by their handcuffs whilst reportedly having a seizure. Luckily no bones were broken but they were left with severe bruising and required a trip to hospital.

One protector managed to climb on top of one of the delivery trucks, delaying operations. There were six arrests in total.

The land owners also sent out a warning that the continuation of the community protection camp would be considered trespass, but it is unlikely that this will stop the protectors in their efforts to stop the iGas convoys.


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