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Day 79 – Thurs 13th February

day 79 bye









Today’s convoy turned around and left Barton Moss following the court ruling that the road leading to the iGas site is a public footpath. An all day blockade delayed trucks to the point of giving up as police were powerless to intervene.

Three months of persistent peaceful protest in the face of terrible weather, unproven allegations, police stitch ups and police violence have started to pay off. Let’s hope with continued support from locals and supporters from all over the world we see more convoys retreating from Barton Moss.

The Manchester Evenign News report on yesterday’s court ruiling concerning Barton Moss Lane can be read here.

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Day 76 – Mon 10th February














There was an astounding ten arrests today as several protectors had a sit in on the road holding up the convoy for many hours. Nine of the arrestees were released with one individual due in court tomorrow.

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Day 72 – Thurs 6th February

day 71 lock on 2

Today there was a lock-on preventing the convoy leaving the iGas site from moving for over 6 hours. The leader of the Green Party, Natalie Bennett also visited the camp with her supporters and met up with protectors on the march.

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Day 66 – Friday 31st January

Salford Council Civic Centre shut down 31st Jan 2014 (5)Today ‘s deliveries were accompanied by the police as normal, not that they were missed yesterday by anyone at the camp.

As the deliveries came in three protectors headed to Swinton Civic Centre, locking on in the foyer in protest at the Government’s attempts to bribe local councils such as Salford Council to allow fracking to take place in their areas.

“The protectors are here protesting against Salford Council’s allowance of IGas to do exploratory drilling with a view to fracking at Barton Moss” said Darren Nesbit, an observer from the Camp “We’ve had one of the protectors, Boris, here on the lawn of the Civic Centre for the last few weeks and we attended the demo at the full Council meeting recently.”

See the Salford Star report here.

On Sunday there is non-violent direct action training at the camp from 11am until 2pm with Seeds of Change. Check out the Facebook group here.

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Day 58 – Thurs 23rd January

day 58 steel

More equipment entered the iGas site at Barton Moss today, but not before two brave protectors blockaded the road with a lock-on! They were subsequently arrested but appeared to be in high spirits none the less. Other protectors escorted the vehicle in and out of the site, slowing their progress down.

The weekend and Solidarity Sunday are fast approaching. Come down to Barton Moss from 1pm and let the world know that we don’t need fracking! See the event here.

Check coaches from a town near you here

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Day 56 – Tues 21st January

day 56 a

Protectors marched vehicles in and out of the iGas site today and were met with yet more, heavy handed policing. It’s a shame that this is happening more frequently at the camp.  The Guardian has reported the serious injuries here.

There were two arrests today and police went on to search the camp and people’s tents and belongings.

Preparations for Solidarity Sunday are well under way. There could be a coach leaving from a town near you. See the flyer thumbnail above for details.

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Day 53 – Sat 18th January

party pumpsToday has seen protests and lock-ons at Total petrol pumps in Bolton and Preston here in the North West and at other sites across the country. These protests come in response to the news that Total are to invest in the UK shale gas industry.

See the Manchester Evening News report on the Bolton protest here.

Members of the Faslane Peace Camp have travelled down to Barton Moss this weekend. Faslane is the world’s longest running peace camp, set up in opposition to the Trident missile submarines based in the area. They will be bringing a wealth of experience with them, providing workshops and offering advice. So make sure you head down before the weekend is out, to meet some truly inspirational people.

Check the Facebook event page for details here.

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