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Press Release: Northern communities vow united front to stop fracking

Lancashire campaigners at Reclaim the Power 2014

Lancashire campaigners at Reclaim the Power 2014

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Northern communities vow united front to stop fracking

Northern anti-fracking groups today vowed to unite to prevent any fracking in the north of England. The statement follows the announcement of the 14th round of licensing for on shore petroleum exploration and development licenses (PEDL).

The long awaited announcement made earlier today showed that the majority of licenses to be issued are based in the north of England and cover huge swathes of Lancashire, Cheshire, Yorkshire and Lincolnshire. Furious campaigners from more than thirty groups responded quickly to say they will show a united front and support each other in their fight against fracking and onshore fossil fuel extraction.

Bob Dennett from Frack Free Lancashire said “The fact that the vast majority of the licenses being issued are based in the north shows the governments contempt for our communities. Obviously they have listened to Tory Peer, Lord Howell and decided to focus fracking in the ‘desolate north’. They will get a shock if they think we will be so easily pushed around.”

Frack Free Lancashire recently won a major victory against the fracking company Cuadrilla when they forced Lancashire County Council to turn down their planning applications. A community campaign in East Yorkshire also won a victory this month when Rathlin Energy was forced to abandon an exploratory well at Crawberry Hill in the face of massive local opposition.

Pippa Hockey from Frack Free East Yorkshire said, ‘The more they try and push fracking on us, the harder we will fight back. We have made friends all over the UK, especially with other groups in the north, and now we will all work together to stop fracking happening anywhere.’

The announcement of the 14th license round follows a recent announcement that the government plans to give itself more power to rush local councils into making decisions and be able to overrule decisions they do not agree with.

Rachel Thompson from Manchester Reclaim the Power said, “They can change any laws they want, what they fail to register is that we have a really strong movement here in the North West. This is not just about the destruction of our local environment and potential water contamination; this is about stopping climate change and local communities making our own decisions about our energy future.”

Fracking company IGas, faced massive community opposition at Barton Moss, Salford and a local group has now set up its own energy cooperative in response to the threat of fracking in their community. In Upton, Cheshire the local community have been occupying land earmarked fracking for over a year.”

Riley Coles from Frack Free Leeds said “Frack Free Leeds has been supporting anti-fracking campaigns across the north because we know fracking is a dangerous, polluting technology which doesn’t even bring down people’s energy bills. Now the threat of fracking is on our doorstep and we know that people across the north will join together to put a stop to fracking in the UK.”

Geologist, Biff Vernon from Frack Free Lincolnshire said, “Any support for extracting fossil carbon is a denial of climate change. Campaigners in Lincolnshire are delighted to be joining up with so many other groups in the north to stop this addiction to fossil fuels.”

Notes to editor

1, Groups who issued this press release:

Frack Free Greater Manchester, Northern Gas Gala, Reclaim the Power Manchester. Frack Free Lancashire, Lancashire Nanas, Residents Action on Fylde Fracking, Ribble Estuary Against Fracking, Frack Free Blackpool, Fleetwood Folk say no to Fracking, Roseacre Action Group, Preston New Road Action Group, Frack Free Inskip, Frack Free Freckleton, Singleton against a Fracked Environment, Frack Free East Yorkshire, Frack Free Lincolnshire, Transition Town Louth, York no to TTIP, Frack Free York, Frack Free Dee, Ellesmere Port Frack free, Frack Free Scarborough, Wirral Against Fracking, Frack Free Upton, Frack Free Mickle Trafford, Bolton Against Fracking, Frack Free Wervin, Picton, Croughton,  Stoak andLittle Stanney, Frack Free Irlam and Cadishead, Frack free Ince, Elton, Helsby, Frodsham and Thornton Le Moors, Frack Free Ryedale, Frack Free North Yorkshire, Frack Free Malton & Norton, Frack Free Kirby Misperton, GASCON (Gilling, Ampleforth, Stonegrave, Coulton, Oswaldkirk, Nunnington).


2, Diagram showing latest licensing round:

3, Government press release:

4, Lancashire County Council refuse planning permission to Cuadrilla:

5, Rathlin Energy:

6, Mancunians oppose fracking at Barton Moss:

7, Barton Moss Energy Coop:

8, Anti-fracking camp in Cheshire celebrates one year anniversary:


Contact for interviews:

Frack Free Lancashire –

Reclaim the Power Manchester –

Frack Free Dee -,

Ellesmere Port Frack Free –

Frack Free Lincolnshire - biffvernon@gmail.comffl celeb 2 FFL celebrations





















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Mon 18th Aug


banner drop



Anti-fracking campaigners from Salford have hung a banner from a bridge at Salford Media City as part of a day of action by Reclaim the Power. The banner states that 884,000 gallons of radioactive fracking water has been dumped into the Manchester Ship Canal.

It was revealed earlier this year following two years of campaigning by Lancashire campaigners to know where it had gone. The company pumped 2.7 million gallons of clean water into its only full scale fracking well in the country. Initially the company had been sending the radioactive water to a treatment plant in Davey Hulme, Manchester, but it was unable to cope with the volume, toxicity and levels of radiation.

Local campaigner Louise Carr said “The Environment Agency allowed United Utilities to dilute the water and put it into our canal. 884,000 gallons of radioactive and toxic water from just one fracking operation, which was cut short because the company caused two earthquakes in the space of six weeks”.

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Day 98 – Tues 4th March








The lock-ons keep on coming at Barton Moss. This morning two protectors blockaded the road making it another slow day for the lorries heading to the iGas site.

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Day 97 – Mon 3rd March









There was another lock on Barton Moss Lane this morning, involving three protectors. The convoy was later escorted out of the iGas site with the police attempting unsuccessfully to stop protectors walking down the path.

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Day 95 – Saturday 1st March

day 95












There was a festival atmosphere at the Barton Moss Protection Camp which was well complimented by the bright, Spring-like weather. Families came down to enjoy cake, tea and music with locals and protectors who were enjoying a convoy free day.

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Day 94 – Friday 28th February








Two individuals blockaded the iGas convoy for an hour and a half today with a lock-on. The Greater Manchester Police, Tactical Aid Unit showed up again with their usual aggressive and violent behaviour. There were four arrests in total as police tried to intervene with the march that escorted the convoy.

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