Northern Gas Gala

Community & Environment Protection Collective

Day 81 – Sat 15th February

graham truck







Police violence reared its ugly head again at Barton Moss with one protector being arrested and dragged by their handcuffs whilst reportedly having a seizure. Luckily no bones were broken but they were left with severe bruising and required a trip to hospital.

One protector managed to climb on top of one of the delivery trucks, delaying operations. There were six arrests in total.

The land owners also sent out a warning that the continuation of the community protection camp would be considered trespass, but it is unlikely that this will stop the protectors in their efforts to stop the iGas convoys.


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Day 66 – Friday 31st January

Salford Council Civic Centre shut down 31st Jan 2014 (5)Today ‘s deliveries were accompanied by the police as normal, not that they were missed yesterday by anyone at the camp.

As the deliveries came in three protectors headed to Swinton Civic Centre, locking on in the foyer in protest at the Government’s attempts to bribe local councils such as Salford Council to allow fracking to take place in their areas.

“The protectors are here protesting against Salford Council’s allowance of IGas to do exploratory drilling with a view to fracking at Barton Moss” said Darren Nesbit, an observer from the Camp “We’ve had one of the protectors, Boris, here on the lawn of the Civic Centre for the last few weeks and we attended the demo at the full Council meeting recently.”

See the Salford Star report here.

On Sunday there is non-violent direct action training at the camp from 11am until 2pm with Seeds of Change. Check out the Facebook group here.

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Day 63 – Tues 28th January

tues4There were more arrests today as vehicles were marched into the site. The arrests were for supposed breach of bail, with some of the protectors reportedly being dragged into the road for them to be arrestable. Four of the arrestees were released after appearing in court and had their bail conditions lifted on release.






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Day 56 – Tues 21st January

day 56 a

Protectors marched vehicles in and out of the iGas site today and were met with yet more, heavy handed policing. It’s a shame that this is happening more frequently at the camp.  The Guardian has reported the serious injuries here.

There were two arrests today and police went on to search the camp and people’s tents and belongings.

Preparations for Solidarity Sunday are well under way. There could be a coach leaving from a town near you. See the flyer thumbnail above for details.

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Day 49 – Tues 14th January

Day 49

There were four more arrests today on the Moss as Greater Manchester Police used heavy handed tactics to keep the protectors moving along the road. Arrestee support has been organised with protectors heading to Swinton Police Station.

GMP have also put out a statement claiming that the supposed firing of a flare from the camp at a helicopter must have happened, basing their allegations on a dubious  comment left on the Indymedia news website. A response to their wild claims can be read here. Looks like they have thier best detectives on the case for this one…

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Day 45 – Fri 10th January

day 45 courtFollowing the arrests made yesterday supporters rallied around Swinton Police station last night in solidarity with those inside.

After refusing bail the arrestees were in court this morning and released on unconditional bail once again with the judge questioning why they were even detained in the first place.

See last nights Manchester Evening News  report on the protestors outside the police station here.

There were more truck deliveries in and out of site today.  Two more people were arrested today for alleged breach of bail conditions.  They will appear before the Magistrates tomorrow.

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Day 44 – Thurs 9th January

NGG day 44

Reports of further arrests and police harrassment at Barton Moss coincides with the news that the Balcombe defendants in court today were acquitted of all charges. The judge said that their actions were “reasonable” and they had acted with “dignity”. Something that Greater Manchester Police may want to think about when considering their approach towards peaceful protest.

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