Northern Gas Gala

Community & Environment Protection Collective

Day 94 – Friday 28th February








Two individuals blockaded the iGas convoy for an hour and a half today with a lock-on. The Greater Manchester Police, Tactical Aid Unit showed up again with their usual aggressive and violent behaviour. There were four arrests in total as police tried to intervene with the march that escorted the convoy.

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Day 84 – Tues 18th February

day 84









There was another great turn out at Barton Moss for what would turn out to be a long and challenging day. Firstly police officers approached the protectors with a deal of no arrests if future convoy escorts were to last only an hour. The camp made it clear they have a right to protest and don’t need to make agreements with the police to do so.

Following the days convoy there two arrests, of an ex-service man now a fireman and a mother who had brought her children to the Kids Day event. There was also further aggressive and violent behaviour towards other protectors, something that is sadly becoming all too familiar.

Later on a legal representative handed the camp an immediate possession order on behalf of the land owners: Peel Investments and The Manchester Ship Canal Company both owned by The Peel Group.  The court hearing is at Manchester Crown Court on Friday.

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