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Mon 18th Aug


banner drop



Anti-fracking campaigners from Salford have hung a banner from a bridge at Salford Media City as part of a day of action by Reclaim the Power. The banner states that 884,000 gallons of radioactive fracking water has been dumped into the Manchester Ship Canal.

It was revealed earlier this year following two years of campaigning by Lancashire campaigners to know where it had gone. The company pumped 2.7 million gallons of clean water into its only full scale fracking well in the country. Initially the company had been sending the radioactive water to a treatment plant in Davey Hulme, Manchester, but it was unable to cope with the volume, toxicity and levels of radiation.

Local campaigner Louise Carr said “The Environment Agency allowed United Utilities to dilute the water and put it into our canal. 884,000 gallons of radioactive and toxic water from just one fracking operation, which was cut short because the company caused two earthquakes in the space of six weeks”.

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Day 90 – Mon 24th February

day 90









As the party atmosphere of Sunday’s Gig at the Rig  wore off, the iGas convoys were back at Barton Moss. The protectors were met by the now expected, heavy handed police tactics, with one reported arrest.

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Day 77 – Tues 11th February










There were four more arrests today following the escort and delay of the convoy into the iGas site. Concerns surrounding the substances being brought onto Barton Moss have never been more justified as trucks were seen displaying radioactive material warning signs . Just what exactly are they doing behind that big green fence?

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