Northern Gas Gala

Community & Environment Protection Collective

What To Bring

Roadside camp at Barton MossPersonal:

Essential – Water, food and warm/waterproof clothes, sun protection.

If Staying Overnight (which is encouraged) – Sleeping bag/roll mat, popup tent (if possible).

Recommended – Picnics, cakes, friends, banners, games, music/instruments, knitting (yellow and black – gasfield free community colours!) etc.

Things not to bring:

Alcohol, drugs, anything which could be construed as a weapon, glass etc.

Camp Wish List:

A huge thank you to all the locals that have brought lots and lots of food donations over the last few weeks. As of 19/1/14 we have enough though!  We no longer need any more tea, pasta and other carbohydrates, tinned food, clothing or blankets.  But we still need some donations (see below).  This might change in a few weeks time though!  We’re very grateful for all the donations.  Please come on down to the camp for a cup of tea and a chat any time.

Ways to help if you are local

  • Come and say hello, we’re friendly, peaceful people. Children, feel free to bring your parents :)
  • Offering laundry facilities
  • Offering shower facilities
  • Offering internet facilities
  • Battery charging
  • Ferrying people around
  • Picking up/delivering useful equipment like straw bales and cooking gear
  • Fundraising
  • Hot cooked donations
  • Organising workshops or events at the camp so everyone can get to know each other


  • Drivers and vehicles
    • At the moment we really need help with picking up useful equipment. So if you’re up for driving and can drive/have a large vehicle, come introduce yourself to the camp or email  We always need water delivering for example.

    Fuel and power

    • Firewood!
    • 110Ah (ish) leisure batteries (to store solar panel charge)
    • 20Ah (ish) leisure batteries (for running LED lighting from)
    • Lighters

    Shelter and Flooring

    • Pallets
    • carpet
    • Plywood or MDF sheets (at least 18 millimetres thick) and about 10 metres of chickenwire for the kitchen area. This provides an easy to clean, non-slip floor
    • Hazel poles (ideally no less than inch diameter/10m tall)
    • Parachute cord/ 6mil poly prop rope/ rope

    Kitchen stuff

    • Sturdy shelves
    • Burkos/Hot water urns (gas powered if possible)
    • Large thermos flasks (to keep large quantities of water hot)

    Toilet stuff

    • containers for wee (25ltrs max, otherwise they’re too heavy to carry. Must have screw top lids for spill free transport!)
    • Wheelie Bins
    • Bags of sawdust (Sawdust is tipped into the loo after a poo. It stops it smelling and helps it compost)


    • Sturdy tables
    • milk crates (to sit on)
    • Shelves (super stable, with a low centre of gravity)
    • Clothes drying racks
    • A shed
    • A geodome/ Yurt/ Big communal structures


    • Electric drill
    • 1 ½ inch screws
    • Hammer
    • 1 ½ inch nails
    • Hi vis vests


    • Firewood
    • Hazel poles for making benders/wood stores
    • Timber for building
    • Lockable cash box
    • Gaffer tape/string/cable ties/staple gun, staples
    • paint brushes, marker pens, pens, pencils, paper, fabric, sticks for making placards


    • Milk
    • Cheese
    • Eggs
    • Fruit and veg
    • Cakes and biscuits

    Nice treats / Long shots

    • Communal tobacco
    • Communal laptop for the tech tent/media team
  • We want the Northern Gas Gala and the Barton Moss Protection Camp to be a space where everyone can feel safe.  A Safer Spaces Agreement supports the realisation of this. The basic tenet is respect – respect each other (our backgrounds, identities, ideas and bodies) – and respect the space we’ve created together. Here it goes…
    • Everyone has an equal right to be heard and an equal responsibility to listen (people who are used to talking may feel the benefit of listening more, and vice versa).
    • Respect and look after the Camp as a resource for all.
    • Any behaviour – physical or verbal – that demeans, marginalises or dominates others, or perpetuates hierarchies, is not welcome.
    • However strongly you feel about a particular topic, resist abusive discussions.
    • Identify your own privileges – the things that sometimes give you an easier ride than others – and actively challenge them.
    • Be aware of the range of different identities (gender, race, class) that people may identify with, and avoid making generalisations, or assumptions about people.
    • Be aware that anyone in the space could be a survivor of a particular form of oppression, for example, violence or racism.
    • If someone is feeling uncomfortable, do not hesitate to raise this.
    • It is everyone’s responsibility to challenge prejudice & oppression, and if we ignore it we are complicit in it.

    This list is not exhaustive and it is up to all of us to help create a space where everyone feels safe and included.

    Barton Moss - the front line against fracking